CIMug GitHub Open Source Projects

The CIMug Open Source Initiative

Welcome to the official GitHub site for open source projects sponsored by the CIM Users Group (CIMug). This site serves as the companion site to CIMug’s primary community site.

Our Mission

The CIMug Open Source Initiative is dedicated to providing open source projects and tooling that benefit the CIM community at large with commercially friendly licenses.

Goals of the CIMug Open Source Initiative

To inquire about the CIMug Open Source Initiative or to discuss contributing new projects to the initiative please contact us at github.admin@cimug.org.

Currently Sponsored Projects

Project Location Description
CIMTool CIMTool CIMug fork of Arnold de Vos’s CIMTool for the Common Information Model (CIM).
IEC-CIM-Language-Localization IEC-CIM-Language-Localization The CIM Community’s localisation repo for ontology files that only contain rdfs:Labels in languages other than English.
cim-compare cim-compare Command line tool for generating CIM model comparison reports.
IEC-CIM-Ontology IEC CIM Ontology Project that explores documentation generation (research).
CIM Distribution JSON-LD CIM Distribution JSON-LD The CIM Community repository of JSON-LD examples of CIM data for use as input for a JSON-LD serialisation specification.
mimir-documentation mimir-documentation Project that explores documentation generation (research).
WG13 Information Model WG13 Information Model Project for Issue tracking for UCAIug WG13 Information Model UML Development.
CIM Distribution Parquet CIM Distribution Parquet Parquet is a columnar file format that supports nested data. This is the CIM Community’s Parquet distro.
CIM Distribution Avro CIM Distribution Avro Avro is an open source project that provides data serialization and data exchange services for Apache Hadoop. These services can be used together or independently. Avro facilitates the exchange of big data between programs written in any language. This is the CIM Community’s Avro distro.